Vacuum-Mop Combo Mini Guide


Let's face it; no one wants to spend time cleaning when they could be spending time doing things that are enjoyable. That's where the vacuum-mop combo comes in to save the day! These handy devices vacuum your hard floors while mopping at the same time. Sweeping, and then vacuuming and THEN mopping just became a thing of the past!

How do they work?

Unlike a traditional mop that just pushes around dirty water, a vacuum-mop combo actually sucks up the water that it puts onto the floor. Most of the vacuum-mop combos on the market have two separate tanks attached to it. One of these tanks is filled with clean water that it squirts onto the floor and the device's spinning bristles then use that water to clean with. After that, the vacuum-mop then extracts the water back into the device into the second tank that is reserved for the dirty water. The bristles and tanks need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly to ensure the device has a long life. Vacuum-mop combos can be used on a variety of different floor types. It can be used on wood, laminate, LVP, stone, and even some low pile rugs!

Who would benefit from these vacuum-mop combos?

The vacuum-mop combo is a wonderful addition to any household, as well as several types of businesses! In places such as nursing homes, the smell of harsh chemicals cannot be tolerated very easily by many residents. These vacuum-mop combos are able to be used with just water so while you are cleaning, there is no worry about sensitive respiratory systems. If needed, vinegar could also be used in the mop as a natural disinfectant. Veterinary clinics, preschools, daycare and even hospitals could also benefit from the vacuum-mop combo with it's time saving features and all natural cleaning approach.

So which vacuum-mop combo is the best?

We have compiled the top 3 best vacuum-mop combos we could find. Listed below are those devices: 1. Bissell's CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro came in first on many people's lists. This device is reliable and holds up over time. With it's three different modes (hard floor mode, area rug mode, and turbo pet mode), it can tackle all of the accidents life throws your way. The LED lights will illuminate everything in your path so you never miss anything. This device also has a self-cleaning mode to flush out all of the pet mess after use. 2. Next for our list is the Bissell CrossWave. Consumers love Bissell products when it comes to vacuum-mop combos, and there is good reason! This device has 22,000 Amazon ratings and an average of 4.5 stars. This device has removable parts incase something needs replaced. Parts are easily found on the Bissell site, or on Amazon. As well as being a hard-core cleaning machine, it will also last you years because of it's well-built design. 3. The last vacuum-mop combo we will be discussing is the Shark VacMop Cordless Pro. Shark is another dependable brand and this vacuum-mop combo is not an exception. The cordless feature allows you to take it as far as you need to. The sleek and compact design also allows it to be discreetly stored away when not in use. This design features a pad and cleaning solution instead of tanks and water. If you're looking for a more hands-off approach to cleaning the device itself, this might be the perfect option for you. You just pull off the cleaning pad and toss it in the garbage.

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