Women’s Smartwatch Mini Guide


These days there is a “smart” version of almost everything. From phones to cars, it’s out there waiting for you. Smartwatches are a wonderful smart device that can make life just a little easier. For women, however, Smartwatches can quickly become an item you should not leave the house without.

What can women’s smartwatches do?

While these smartwatches might not be able to file your taxes for you or tell you how long it will take your kids to get ready for school, they can do some pretty incredible things. These watches can count your steps or even your calories for the day with one simple press of the screen. They also can track activities such as yoga or mindfulness meditation. The coolest part about these women’s smartwatches, however, is their ability to monitor menstrual cycles and pregnancies. In your app, you simply input your days you have your menstrual cycle and the smartwatches will take it from there. Some of the new smartwatches even have the capability of sensing your temperature and tell you’re ovulating just with that information alone. It can be important to keep track of this incase you are trying to get pregnant, trying to avoid getting pregnant, and also just to monitor your overall health. More than 75 percent of women encounter negative symptoms during their menstrual cycles, and tracking the days of your cycle can help navigate those symptoms easier.

What do they cost?

The price of a women’s smartwatch varies greatly. You can find some on the market today from around $100USD all the way up to $400USD. The higher priced smartwatches normally are from more well known brands and luxury brands. The higher end smartwatches also have all of the fancy applications and capabilities.

Why not just buy a unisex smartwatch?

While some women may be tempted to just buy a unisex smartwatch, they will be missing out on the things the woman-specific smartwatches have to offer. First of all, the women’s smartwatches have a much more classic and elegant look than the unisex contender. The unisex smartwatches normally have bands that are thick and bulky. On the women’s version, however, the bands are thinner and more sleek. They tend to look more like your average women’s wristwatch instead of a robot strapped to your wrist. Secondly, none of the helpful women’s health applications come with the unisex version of the smartwatch. All of the applications that can help women to make sure their bodies are healthy are specific to the women’s version of the smartwatch. Lastly, there is hardly a price difference between the two at all. Most smartwatches stay around the same price-range if you are looking at quality devices.

So what’s the best women’s smartwatch on the market?

Let’s talk about the best of the best women’s smartwatches. We have three we want you to check out: 1. First up is the Michael Kors Women's MKGO Gen 5E Smartwatch. This smartwatch is both stylish and functional. It can track pregnancy and menstruation cycles as stated above, but also has a battery life of over 24 hours. It is also swimproof so you never have to slow down and worry about your watch being ruined while you are enjoying life. It tracks activity goals, sleep, cardio level, and much more. This watch is priced around $180USD. 2. Our second smartwatch we would like to introduce you to is the Fossil Women's Gen 5E Smartwatch. This watch also has a 24 hour battery life and charges to 80 percent in around 50 minutes. You can keep up with all of your social media with it’s always-on display. It has advanced sensors to monitor all of your activity levels and track cardio goals. This watch also works with Amazon Alexa. The price of this watch is around $150USD. 3. The least expensive option on our list is the AGPTEK Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones. At $45USD, this little smartwatch packs a big punch. Along with all of the health and fitness tracking for women, it also can be used for 7-10 days without needing to recharge. It’s stylish design comes in pink, blue or black. It features a gold metal frame around the face of the watch to keep the timeless style going.

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